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Joining a bowling league for fun with family and friends ! Our leagues are for all skill levels… you don’t need to be a good bowler or even have bowled before. Just be ready to have a good time with your friends and to make some new friends in the league.Join a League any time. Most of our leagues look for new teams, new players and reliable subs all season long. Interested in starting your own league? Let us know!

Please call 916-371-4200 for more information about any league

Tuesday League

Starts in August, January and May at 6:30pm. $16 a week for 16 weeks. Four-person teams. Friends and family teams encouraged! Accepting new teams and individual bowlers. Fall session Aug- 16. Call 371-4200 or show up the date of the league to talk to the secretary.

Capitol Bowl Leagues - Modern Bowling Alley
Capitol Bowl Leagues

Wednesday Moose League

Private league started in September. East Yolo Handicap First half in September, second half in January at 6:30pm. $16 a week for 32 weeks. Four-person teams. Sanctioned league and tends to have more-serious bowlers. Accepting new individuals and subs.