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Birthday Parties

Exciting Birthday Parties in Capitol Bowl!!
Capitol Bowl Birthday Party Bash

Birthday Party Bash

Party includes: use of a private party area for 2 1/2 hours. During that time, you get 1 hour of bowling on three lanes, shoe rental, three cheese or pepperoni pizzas & three pitchers of soft drinks, plates, cups, napkins and invitations, use of one of our party areas:

$225 for up to 12 bowlers

$295 for up to 12 bowlers during Glow Bowling

Additional bowlers $14.95 each (extra lane, pizza and soda for every four
additional bowlers)

(Does not include sales tax or gratuity.)

Make your reservations online or call 916-371-4200. All parties require a cash, credit card or online deposit of at least $50 as soon as possible.

Great for team parties, too!

What to Expect with Your Party!

Your party starts at the time of your reservation and you have the party area for 2 1/2 hours. When you arrive for your party, you can get settled into the party area and greet your guests. (We recommend you come a little earlier to get settled in.) Bowling time does start on the time your reservation starts so please make sure your guests are on time. We will pass out shoes and enter all the bowlers’ names into the scoring systems and set up bumpers for whoever you would like.

Once bowling is underway, we’ll get your order for pizza and soda. Bowling lasts one hour. You’ll see a message on the scoring screens to let you know when you have five minutes left. The pizza and sodas will be ready when you’re done bowling.

After eating, we’ll help clean up and get your guests ready for cake. We suggest having cake and gift opening immediately after pizza. If you let your guests go into the arcade between pizza and cake, it’s very hard to get them back again!

When the party is over, just pack up your gifts and any left-over cake or pizza. Leave the rest of the mess to us!

birthday party
Capitol Bowl Birthday Party